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How to Use Your Intranet During A Crisis

Connecting and communicating with employees has never been more important than in the current Covid-19 crisis. And the same principle applies to other types of crises. It could be extreme weather events, natural disasters, or even terrorist situations impacting on...

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10 Reasons Why Cross-Team Collaboration Is Important

There’s no doubt ‘collaboration’ is the flavor of the month right now. But what does it mean in practice? How can it be achieved if most staff are working-from-home? And why is it essential, especially to SMEs that might have only a handful of employees? Regardless of...

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Social Intranets: Are They Right for Every Organization?

Social Intranets In The Workplace Social intranets have taken the world of employee communication by storm. With flexible working arrangements, distributed workforces and mobile computing the new norm, it's little wonder that a social intranet is the digital workplace...

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Internal Communications Strategy: 15 Tips

Have you been tasked with drawing up an internal communications strategy for your company? It’s a daunting prospect, right? Successful businesses increasingly place greater importance - and investment - in getting their internal communications strategy in order. Get...

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Working From Home: How Well Will You Adjust?

Up until recently, people who work from home seemed to be a minority group. But following the outbreak of Covid-19, the world's largest experiment of remote working is underway. For both employees and managers, this new working arrangement has been thrust upon them...

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